ABOUT Book Clubs

"And what is the use of a book," thougth Alice, "without...conversation?" ~Lewis Carroll

Roundabout l-o-o-o-oves book clubs! We think discussing a book, listening to other people's ideas, and sharing your own thoughts always adds a deeper understanding to your reading, and Roundabout is dedicated to facilitating books clubs in our community.  Shcedule your next book club meeting at our store, join us for a discussion at one of the Roundabout Book Club meetings, or simply take advantage of our Book Club discount program today!

Schedule Your Next Book Club Meeting with Us

Looking for a place to host your next book club meeting? Roundabout is happy to host your and we never charge a fee to use the community space.  We serve wine, beer, coffee, tea, and light bakery snacks in our cafe. Simply call our store (541-360-6564) to make sure there is no other meeting scheduled and we'll reserve the round table space for your book club.

Join a Roundabout Book Club Discussion

Looking to join a book club? Roundabout has a book club for everyone. Read the short descriptions below or head to our website to see what books are coming up next.  You can join a discussion anytime, just read the book and show up!  You are welcome to come to one every month, try them all one month, or just drop in and discuss a book that you loved! Our book club discussions are always open to the public, so feel free to join us at any meeting that works!

Register for the Book Club Discount Program

Roundabout Books allows local book clubs to register their book choices with us so that members can receive discounts on titles chosen for discussion.  Please read the following policies and register your book club today! Here's how:

  1. Email cassie@roundaboutbookshop.com you book club name, # of members, title list, and discussion dates.
  2. Titles must be submitted at least 6 weeks before discussion date of book to be eligible for discount.
  3. We will approve all eliglible titles as they must be published with a major publisher and be easy to acquire at normal wholesale discounts. (i.e... some self-published or local books may not be available for this program). We will email you back the approved titles.
  4. Book Club members can purchase the book any time before the discussion date, tell us at the register of which book club you are a member, and we will give you a 15% discount on that book.