We are busy creating lists of ideas for community events!  Below are a few ideas we are already thinking about, but if there are some non-author events you would like to see happen at our store and don't see it on this list, please shoot us an email.  We want your input!  Likewise, if there is something on here you are super psyched about, we'd love to hear that too!   Either way, let's work together to make Roundabout a true community bookstore.  

Book Clubs

Open Mic Nights

Poetry Nights

Poetry Breakfasts

Story times & Costume Character Days

Holiday Events - Halloween Haunt Night, Christmas Eve Storytime, Valentines Couple Night Out, etc.

Wine and Coloring Night

Family Game Night

Mystery Writers Night

Special Event Days - Harry Potter's Birthday Party (July 31), The Dark Night of the Soul (Winter Solstice), A Midsummer Night's Dream (Summer Solstice) etc.

Workshops:  How to garden, write, knit, draw, etc.