6th Local Authors Night

We are looking forward to our 6th Local Authors Night at Roundabout Books! Join us in supporting these local authors as they share their stories, answer questions and sign books.

Decorated Army Airborne Ranger and author Frank Linik tells the story of Lieutenant Bill Brandt who must choose between career or integrity, allegiance or defiance, and ultimately life or death in A Matter of Semantics: A Young Officer’s Decision: Duty or Loyalty in the Vietnam War.



In Conspiracies Declassified, author and expert skeptic Brian Dunning explains 50 true stories of famous conspiracies throughout history.  From the moon landing hoax, to chemtrails, to the mind control dangers of fluoride, Dunning is here to sort the truth from the lies to tell you what really happened.






Thompson Barton s work has been focused on our fear of one another and the impact that has on our lives and in our work spaces. Please Lie to Me challenges business owners and leaders to take back the control of their cultures and organizations. In so doing, employees become fully engaged and the organization will reach currently unattainable heights of effectiveness and productivity.








Event date: 

Friday, October 26, 2018 - 6:30pm

Event address: 

900 NW Mt. Washington Dr. Suite # 110
end, OR 97703