How Can I Get My Book into Roundabout Books?

If your book is available through a distributor such as Ingram or Baker & Taylor, please email Cassie at

If your book is self-published or if you are a local author wishing to place your book in our store, please read our guidelines below.

Due to the volume and frequency of requests for our staff to review local and self-published authors’ books for placement, we have established the following guidelines and criteria for determining whether or not to carry a local and self-published book:

  1. Please do NOT drop off books.  You can meet with Cassie on Monday's between 1-3pm to discuss options for your book.
  2. The book’s subject matter must appeal widely to our customers’ interests and not be deemed inappropriate.
  3. The book must be well-edited; books containing misspelled words or poor grammar (unless deliberate, as with A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing) will not be considered.
  4. The overall quality of the construction and presentation of the book (cover, spine, print, etc.) must be comparable to mainstream publishing standards.
  5. The book must have an ISBN and suggested retail price. 
  6. The author must live locally full-time and year round, where “local” is defined as any place within a fifty mile radius of Bend, Oregon. Exceptions may be made for non-local authors whose subject material is of local interest on a case-by-case basis.

If your book meets the above criteria, please bring a copy of it to the store on Monday. Books that are dropped off with staff members on the sales floor will not be reviewed. Please download thet consignment form below and bring it with you on the Monday that you come intot the store.